Vegetation Management

Vegetation, if not managed correctly can pose a threat to local environments and ecology. Further, excessive amounts of vegetation can create unwanted risks for urban and rural infrastructure. Our team of vegetation managers span the industrial, forestry and invasive sectors and is very well versed in assisting our clients in the assessment, identification and responsible treatments of unwanted vegetation.

industrial vegetation management crew

Industrial Vegetation Management

We deliver industrial vegetation management (IVM) services across Canada to oil and gas producers, pulp and sawmills, mines, utilities, municipalities, regional districts, counties and communities.

We provide specialized techniques, equipment and solutions to protect the security and integrity of our client’s assets while complying with regulations and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our portfolio of municipal services delivers protection from noxious weeds, invasive plants and pests. Spectrum works with First Nations and government departments to facilitate permits for the prescribed IVM work.

With more than 25 years of experience and a highly educated workforce, we’ve earned a reputation for service excellence driven by a fundamental belief in the need to deliver services that reduce our client’s herbicide footprint.

man with chainsaw

Forestry Vegetation Management

We deliver vegetation management and stand tending services to the forest industry throughout Canada.

Our team utilizes integrated vegetation management techniques that not only control competing vegetation, but also ensure the protection of non-target and non-competing vegetation. We use a broad range of treatments to control vegetation. Broadcast, discretion, single-stem and multi-year systems are implemented by Spectrum crews to provide a release of crop trees while maintaining biodiversity in the forest landscape.

Our innovation in forest vegetation management has allowed the provision of an extremely effective service that is consistent over any sized project. Spectrum has a vast labour pool and an intimate knowledge of applicable legislation and best practices which are used to manage projects, at any scale, from initiation to completion.

Our crews are outfitted with new equipment and the latest in GPS technology to ensure treatment areas are completed as required. Advanced mapping and area tracking are keys to our crews’ efficiency and success.

Our management expertise ensures that the needs of our clients are met while also addressing the expectations of public stakeholders.

Person holding an invasive weed

Invasive Plant Management

We provide all aspects of Invasive Plant Management (IPM) including Integrated Pest Management Plan development, inventory, chemical, mechanical, biological and cultural control, monitoring and reporting services. Spectrum provides these services to federal, provincial, regional, local and First Nation governments, to the forestry, energy, mines, petroleum and transportation sectors, and numerous regional invasive species organizations. Spectrum can provide clients with an all-inclusive suite of IPM services to meet legislative and stakeholder requirements.

Spectrum knows vegetation management.