We deliver reforestation services to forest licensees, the mining industry, oil and gas providers, the public and woodlot owners across Canada.

Our team provides for aforestation, reforestation and reclamation situations. This includes planting prescriptions, the provision of comprehensive budgets and tree sourcing using our buying power. Spectrum can field a large contingent of highly motivated and trained workers whenever and wherever required. We can tackle the demands of any size or type of planting project.

With more than 25 years of experience in the reforestation industry, our highly experienced workforce employs cutting edge silviculture techniques using our Reforestation Management System (RMS) to provide constant control on quality and production, thereby ensuring excellent results. Safety is paramount at Spectrum and all of our crews are trained to adhere to the highest industry safety standards.

2021 Season


Almost 17 million trees to be planted in the spring and summer planting season.


  • Vanderhoof
  • Mackenzie
  • McLeod Lake
  • Alberta ( 2 million trees)

The Role of the Tree Planter Includes:

  • Seedling handling
  • Planting location selection
  • Tree quality inspection
  • Tree spacing
  • Quality checking

What You Bring

  • Decision making skills
  • Ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions
  • Ability to work well individually and as part of a team
  • Map reading skills
  • Physically fit
  • Willing to work, enjoy, and live in a remote setting
  • Mentally prepared for daily challenges in all weather conditions
  • Ability to carry 50+ pounds
  • Commitment to spring & summer plant (May-August)
  • A positive attitude & willingness to contribute

What You Can Expect

  • Mainly camp locations. Spectrum’s camps consist of: kitchen unit, dining tent, showering units (tents or trailers), latrines, drying facilities, fresh drinking water, and full food service. Each camp has one head cook, one assistant cook, and a camp attendant who, with the help of the camp supervisor, all crew leaders, and all planters, strive to provide a pleasant camp experience. Most camps have internet access.
  • Experienced Supervisors and Crew Leaders well-trained drivers. All management and safety sensitive positions are deemed fit for duty through pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.
  • Training and mentorship when learning how to plant.
  • A very proactive approach to safety and injury prevention. Onsite OFA Level 3 attendants who are trained specifically in tree planting related injury prevention.
  • A 4 on-1-off schedule rotation.
  • Making a lot of new friends!

What You’re Responsible For Bringing

  • Personal tent and tarps
  • Sleeping bag
  • Water jug (5L recommended) plus a smaller drinking container
  • All weather appropriate clothing
  • Sunhat
  • Personal toiletries

COVID-19 Update

At Spectrum Resource Group Inc., we strive to provide a safe, healthy, caring and productive work environment for our employees while delivering creative services and solutions to our clients. As we prepare for our spring and summer seasons we are reinforcing our hygiene and infectious disease control systems.

With the COVID-19 situation evolving daily, and sometimes hourly, it is important to note that measures, means and conditions will also change and adapt. We are taking steps to mitigate and help prevent the spread with special attention to our work camps during the tree planting season that runs from late April to late August. We are reinforcing our hygiene and infectious disease control systems. We have education and training sessions planned that will reflect the most up to date information that we can source.

We will continue to follow government-imposed restrictions set forth and take industry recommendations into account to ensure the safety of our employees and the communities we are in. These restrictions will likely push the start of our season back later than normal. We project to plant all of our trees this season.

2020 Season Fun Facts

  • A total of 19,560,000 trees planted (May 10  to Aug 3)
  • This covers an area of 14,000 acres
  • Lineal distance of 33,400 miles with those trees (this is 1.3 times around the earth).
  • Of our top 5 planters, 3 of them were women
  • Top Female Planter: 187,435 trees planted (over 60 work days) – Avg. 3,124 trees per day
  • Top Male Planter: 219,970 trees planted (over 70 work days) – Avg. 3,142 trees per day
  • Record breaking 457,000 trees planted in a single day
  • Zero positive COVID-19 cases reported

Planting Resources

Interested in joining our team? Visit our careers page for details and to apply.

Spectrum knows reforestation.