Forest Management

Forestry is a keystone of the Alberta and British Columbia economy. Our team of forestry professionals routinely participates in the management of public and private forests and provides the full scope of services related to forest management including: forest assessments, timber appraisals, timber development, forest health assessments and treatments, wildfire mitigation/protection, and plantation assessments.

MPB Surveys and Control Work

We provide Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) survey and control services to government, licensees, municipalities, cities and towns across Canada.

This includes conventional and concentric ground surveys to identify, map and prescribe the most effective way to treat MPB infected areas. A broad set of distinctive and purpose-built equipment enables Spectrum to complete various project sizes and types, including the control of MPB by destroying beetles before they spread. This is primarily achieved through a combination of chipping, peeling or burning of the trees.

Our professional workforce combines more than 20 years of conifer beetle experience which shows in our high-quality results. Our team can tailor their plans and efforts to account for site restrictions, access difficulties, and environmental sensitivities at a production level that keeps costs competitive while most importantly, ensuring worker safety.

Crew cleaning up brush for wildfire mitigation

Wildfire Mitigation

With trained firefighting personnel as a part of every crew, wildfire mitigation is at the forefront of all operations. Spectrum has the infrastructure, equipment and skilled labour that enable the successful and safe completion of any job size and in any location throughout Canada.

We have  a long-standing history of working on programs protecting homes and communities from wildfires in Alberta and British Columbia. Our team takes a proactive and preventive approach to mitigating fire hazards by ensuring that site treatments protect the habitat of the forests while encouraging biodiversity of existing plant and animal species.

Treatments include tree thinning and removal, mulching, chipping, pruning, firewood production and burning.

Timber Development and Technical Forestry

We  supply timber development and technical forestry and services to forest licensees, provincial governments and woodlot owners across Canada.

We employ professional foresters and forest technologists registered with the Association of BC Forest Professionals and the College of Alberta Professional Foresters. This combination of forest professionals and technically trained field crews allow us to provide premium consulting services for customers with long-term timber development and technical forestry projects.

Spectrum knows forest management.