Spectrum Resource Group is an integrated vegetation management (IVM) solutions provider with expertise in vegetation management, forest management, and reforestation. We provide these services to federal, provincial, regional, local and Indigenous governments, to the forestry, energy, mines, petroleum, transportation and utility sectors, and to numerous regional invasive species organizations across Canada.

We specialize in the following services:

  • Reforestation
  • Integrated Vegetation Management
    • Industrial Vegetation Management
    • Invasive Plant Management
    • Reclamation
    • Mosquito Control
    • Wildlife Danger Tree Assessments & Tree Falling
  • Integrated Forest Management
    • Timber Development & Harvesting
    • Silviculture Assessments, Treatments & Administration
    • Forest Health Management
  • Wildfire Services
    • Wildfire Risk Reduction
    • Wildfire Fighting
  • Utility Asset Management
    • Structural Integrity Inspections & Treatment of Wood Pole Assets
    • Patrolling & Consenting

For a comprehensive list of all of the services Spectrum currently offers, click here.

Complementary Services

Spectrum provides geographic information system (GIS) and resource mapping. Our team of accredited GIS professionals specializes in digital map creation, spatial analysis, orthomosaic creation, cutting permit acquisition tasks, forest inventory analysis and woodlot management plans.


FOREST Management