Lennon Nemirovsky

Reforestation – Crew Leader

My name is Lennon Nemirovsky. I am a 24-year-old born in Thunder Bay, but raised in London, Ontario. I’ve studied many subjects, but consistently I’ve found that I gravitate toward woodworking. I completed a course under a master luthier on Vancouver Island, and I have now built 4 guitars from scratch while having fixed many more. I have played guitar since the age of 7 and I love to play in camp and jam with others. I read quite a bit and I love meeting new people.

Industry Experience

I will be going into my 6th season in the bush this year, all of which have been consecutive. I spent much of my time during last season learning the ins and outs of my crew boss’ habits and practices. I have worked with a few different planting companies and look forward to crew leading with Spectrum and the challenges and opportunities that it will bring my way.

What Planters Can Expect From Me

My planters will find that I can be easygoing and carefree, but when it comes to work, I am specific and detail-oriented. One of my main concerns for a crew is that everyone enjoys themselves, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that that is the case. In camp, I generally spend my free time reading, playing chess, playing guitar, and enjoying the company of others. I very much enjoy group events and I have been part of my camp’s night off planning committee for 3 years as I find that large events tend to bring a camp together and form a sense of community.

What I Expect From Planters

My expectations of my workers and peers are simple; that everyone shows each other respect. Almost every experience I’ve not enjoyed while planting was caused by a lack of respect. Being in a secluded camp and having to live and work together is challenging and it is important to make sure no one is stepping on another’s toes and that we work with others in an understanding way. When these conditions are met, there’s very little that could make our camp any less than a wonderful and enjoyable place.