Kat Hastings

Reforestation – Crew Leader

I love snowboarding, rock climbing, canoeing, and just generally hanging out in a hammock in nature. I love to bird watch and knit, and just have a laugh with my friends. I live full-time in my van and love every minute of it. During the winters, I work as a snowboard instructor and trainer in Banff National Park and when I’m not planting, I spend my time in Squamish, BC, rock climbing and meeting new people. I strongly believe that all food can be classified as a soup, salad or sandwich, and rides to the block will be full of discussion about it. If you end up on my crew you’ll find out quickly that I’m pretty goofy and don’t take life too seriously.

Industry Experience

  • 3rd year in the Bush
  • 1st season as a crew boss, 2nd season with Spectrum
  • 5 years management experience

What Planters Can Expect From Me

As a crew leader, you will find that I will start every day on a positive and happy note. I thrive on rainy days and you can find me dancing and chattering away on cold and miserable days in the bush. I pride myself on being incredibly organized and I will work really hard to make your day easier in any way I can. My priority for the summer is to have a crew where everyone feels safe and supported in their physical and mental health, and are also able to achieve their planting goals.

What I Expect From Planters

I am looking for crew members who are going to help create an inclusive and safe environment for everyone. I want people that are generally positive and outgoing, and enjoy spending time outside. Additionally, you should be ready to work hard all season and be a goal-oriented person.