Hannah Kennedy

Reforestation – Crew Leader

I am from the Sunshine Coast, BC, where I first found my love for the outdoors. As a kid, my friends and I would ride our bikes back and forth from the ocean to the lakes surrounding our houses until the sun was long gone. Herein lies my first memories of finding joy in being grimy, salty, thirsty, and exhausted. Nowadays, I crave that feeling and planting has been that type 2 fun that I search for.

When I am not planting, I travel in the fall and work winters in ski towns. This lifestyle brings me tremendous happiness, allowing me to surround myself with people that I love dearly and laugh with indelibly. My current hobbies include crocheting, snowboarding, canoeing, mind & body wellness, and brewing kombucha and ginger beer. I would bring all of these into the bush if I could (Or can I?).

Industry Experience

  • 3 years planting
  • 2 years of management experience
  • 1st-year crew bossing

What Planters Can Expect From Me

This season, I am looking forward to building a crew with a foundation of communication, safety awareness, and positivity. I will be organized and methodical when we are on the block and have numerous certifications to aid in prevention and action in cases of emergency. At the end of the day, I create a safe space for physical and mental health to flourish and meaningful connections to be made. I hold myself to a high standard and look forward to enduring and embracing this season with a tight-knit crew.

What I Expect From Planters

My expectations of planters include being punctual, driven, adaptable, and positive team players. If you are dialed in the mornings, supportive of your mates, like to goof around, and enjoy the outdoors then we will have smooth operation all season!