Amanda Lefebvre

Reforestation – Crew Leader

I am from Eastern, Ontario. Beyond just planting trees, I have a deep-rooted passion for the environment derived from my university days where I studied environmental resources.

I did not know just how passionate I was until moving out west and experiencing the great outdoors. I enjoy seeing wildlife, and picking wild berries and flowers. I also love spending time with my friends by the lake, singing/dancing by the fire and having deep conversations. I am looking forward to laughing and creating new memories with friends.

In the off-season or post-season, I love to garden and grow vegetables. I love to hike and a new hobby I’m currently getting into is making my own clothing.

As a leader, I bring a friendly, understanding and open approach. I firmly believe in fostering a safe, fun and wholesome environment for everyone involved. I am excited to create new adventures and memories with an amazing crew this year!

Industry Experience

  • 4 years planting
  • 1 year crew bossing

What Planters Can Expect From Me

This season, I am hoping to have excellent communication with my planters, It can be a very difficult job where your mental health is extremely important to me. I hope to treat everyone with respect and hope that they can trust me to create a safe environment for them. I’m hoping to help everyone reach their financial goals and be as productive as they are capable!

What I Expect From Planters

I expect my planters to be honest and trustworthy. I want people on the crew who are going to be positive and motivating to each other. I love a good family dynamic with planters encouraging each other to do their best each day. I hope that you are extremely motivated and willing to put the work in for the end reward.