Lucas Rene de Cotret

Lucas Rene de Cotret | Meet Our Team

About Lucas Rene de Cotret Title: Apprentice Automotive Technician and Field Camp Support Team Member Since: 2011 Education: Degree in Television Broadcasting and Telecommunications Certifications: Certified to train new users on ATVs,…
Duane Maki

Timber Development Update

What follows details the steps that Spectrum Resource Group is implementing in response to COVID-19 regarding our timber development projects. The situation is evolving daily, and sometimes hourly, it is important to note that measures, means…
Duane Maki

Spectrum COVID-19 Update

At Spectrum Resource Group Inc., we strive to provide a safe, healthy, caring and productive work environment for our employees while delivering creative services and solutions to our clients. As we prepare for our spring and summer seasons…
Duane Maki

Keeping Pace with Regulatory Changes

Safety regulators will often change regulations in response to severe accidents or incident trends. Sometimes these changes are the result of significant research and consultation with industry groups. At other times, they are brought about…
Dean Marshall

Strategies in Place to Move Forward

If you live in British Columbia (B.C.), you have heard in the media that the forest industry as a whole is currently experiencing a decline. Several mills in the interior of B.C. are curtailing production or closing due to a lack of available…
Rebrand Collage

Spectrum Resource Group Rebrands

Last fall, we began the rebrand process for Spectrum Resource Group. Many exploratory conversations and meetings were held between the leadership team, marketing and communications, and the marketing agency who assisted in the rebrand process. During…
Simon Hall

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

“You don’t know what you don’t know” is the sort of expression that daytime television hosts like to throw around but there’s something to it. I came to work at Spectrum Resource Group about a year ago. After many years of working…
Duane Maki

From the Roots Up

It has now been about 18 months since we entered into a partnership with the Wright Service Corp. family of companies. In that time, we have rebranded Spectrum and revised our mission, vision and value statements. We have obtained Ford fleet…
Duane Maki

Planting Trees in the Canadian Wilderness

Every spring in western Canada, after the snow has finally melted and the birds are making their nests, thousands of young men and women make their way to the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia for summer jobs in the forestry industry.…