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Michaela Pye | Meet Our Team

About Michaela Pye Title: Crew Leader Team Member Since: May 2016 Education: Bachelor of Science with a focus in Environmental Science Industry Organizations: Terrace Search and Rescue Certificates: Occupational First Aid Level 3, Canadian…
jennifer davy

What Made 2020, the Year of the Pandemic, Even More Interesting?

  The world watched in collective horror last year as massive wildfires grew out of control around the globe – bigger, hotter and faster than ever recorded. The Amazon, Australia, Siberia, California, Oregon, Washington, to name a few,…
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Bug Season is Coming

Winter weather brings us relief from the biting and stinging insects in the north. It seems like we forget the clouds of mosquitos, the swarms of black flies and the stinging wasp encounters as soon as the temperature dips, but soon they…
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Embracing New Technology

When I started with Spectrum, the forest was my office, trees were my currency and, in those days, the only numbers I tracked were the number of trees I put in the ground each day. In those forests I found my friends, I found my husband, and…
Helena Kemper Employee Spotlight

Helena Kemper | Meet Our Team

About Helena Kemper Title: Team Leader & Supervisor Team Member Since: May 2016 Career Path Q: Describe your career path. How did you get into what you do now? A: I started university right out of high school with a volleyball and…
Jesse Bazergui

Jesse Bazergui | Meet Our Team

About Jesse Bazergui Title: Regional Coordinator Team Member Since: May 2012 Education: Vancouver Island University - Bachelor of Arts in Geography Career Path Q: Describe your career path. How did you get into what you do now? A: My…
Lucas Rene de Cotret

Lucas Rene de Cotret | Meet Our Team

About Lucas Rene de Cotret Title: Apprentice Automotive Technician and Field Camp Support Team Member Since: 2011 Education: Degree in Television Broadcasting and Telecommunications Certifications: Certified to train new users on ATVs,…
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Jennifer Davy | Meet Our Team

About Jennifer Davy Title: Invasive and Fuel Management Supervisor Team Member Since: May 2019 Education: Bachelor of Science with focus in Biology, with Honours and Directed Studies and Associate of Science Degree Awards: Commendation…
jennifer davy

Spectrum Rises to the COVID-19 Challenge During Tree Planting Season

We are happy to report a successful 2020 tree planting season at Spectrum. Our planting activities commenced in mid-April, at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. Given the fact that our tree planting workforce is housed in remote camps…