Jade Dye

Reforestation – Crew Leader

Hi, I’m Jade, a wayfaring weird hippy child born of dreadlocks and mystery vans that can’t stay put for more than a couple years which has led me down some wild roads in life. From enlistment to backpacking third world villages, I have a lot to draw on.

Industry Experience

I have almost a decade of bush experience, five of those years being tree planting. If I wasn’t planting, I was doing something else in the woods. I like occupations that give you the freedom to succeed or fail with little supervision.

What Planters Can Expect From Me

Tree planting is hard and it brings out who you are but you can also expect 5-11 other nifty folks enduring a similar experience right next to you. And that’s where the real memories get made. I care about my team enjoying what they do and liking where they are every day. My entire effort is to make the good times outweigh the bad times while out in the wilderness.

What I Expect From Planters

What I need to make it successful for everyone is a willingness to learn and to give an adequate effort. That and a personality that is healthy and void of malicious behaviour.