Grant McLeod

Reforestation – Supervisor

My name is Grant. I am a huge fan of the outdoors. I enjoy going on hikes, big camping trips and love fishing and hunting with my pup Gus in my spare time. I’ve lived all over Canada from Regina, Saskatchewan, through Manitoba and different parts of Ontario. I made the move to BC back in 2016 after my second season tree planting and never left.

In a past life, I was studying to be a chef. Partway through school, I happened to apply to Spectrum as a tree planter, got hired on and never looked back. I work in the bush year-round and have worked a wide variety of forestry jobs including pine beetle surveys, moose browse surveys, pile burning and backpack herbicide application. I am also a CAGC-certified faller and have worked as a faller on mountain pine beetle, oil and gas, and utility projects.

This will be my tenth season tree planting with Spectrum and my second as the camp supervisor. I ran an exceptional tree planting crew for 5 seasons before supervising and have managed projects in other capacities as well.

What the Camp Can Expect from Me

Folks in my camp can expect a safe, respectful and efficient environment both in camp and on the block. Planters and crew leaders in my camp will be heard when they have questions and concerns and appropriate actions implemented when warranted. Planters and management can also expect me to maintain a professional environment for all persons in camp and to keep them informed of what is going and in the works. I am good with numbers. I ensure people are paid correctly for the work they have done and go as far as ensuring planters have printed copies of pay stubs. You can also always check in with me. I am a very approachable person and will always try to resolve whatever it may be as quickly as possible.

What I Expect from the Camp

First and foremost, I expect those in my camp to be respectful to each other and to treat each other how they want to be treated. Secondly, I want us to work hard together and meet our goals both on and off the cut block while taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. Lastly, I expect us to treat our camp as our home and help keep it clean and tidy.