Afnan Khan

Reforestation – Crew Leader

Hey Afnan here, and I’m an all-around fun guy who likes to get things done. I was born in Illinois, raised and currently reside in Ottawa, and am of ethnic Afghan heritage.

I’m currently a student in an Architectural program, and have my Bachelors in Social Science with minors in Economics and Anthropology. I’ve been a trained yoga teacher for over 5 years, and love all topics associated with health, personal development, and mysticism. I’m at my happiest when in good company with good food.

Industry Experience

I’ve planted 3 full seasons in BC and Alberta and a short planting gig in Southern Ontario, which by all accounts, was a good time. In addition to planting, I’ve worked as an aerial monitor and roadside herbicide applicator. This year, I’ll be running a crew for the first time, and I’m incredibly excited about it.

What Planters Can Expect From Me

Every planter on my crew can expect a high level of care and attention from me. I’ve held new planter trainings before, and am honoured to be the hand that guides new planters into the world of reforestation.

My background as a yoga teacher will ensure that every day you’ll have an opportunity to participate in a warm-up stretch, and that I’ll be able to help you manage any injuries or strains while on the job.

You can expect me to introduce and sell you on the benefits of ambidextrous planting.

More than anything, I’m a reliable guide and leader, willing to help no matter the situation, the best I can. You can rest assured that you’ll never find yourself with a cache without trees.

You can rely on me to be a listening ear, kind and gracious to your needs, while also encouraging discipline and self-organization.

What I Expect From Planters

I expect my planters to do their duties every day. Showing up on time is a must. Cleanliness is also essential; I’d like for the truck and my planters to be clean and organized.

Besides that, I ask all my planters to take care of themselves and to work hard. Planting is about consistency, and you’ll find that as you understand the process and schedule of a planting day, you’ll find efficiencies and lower distractions, avoid injury, and discover the joy of efficient, high-quality planting.

Also, ask questions. And do so often, if you’re ever unsure about anything.  I look forward to working with you this season.